GT’s Lounge

In 2014, Tom began recording GT’s Lounge, an album full of original songs. Produced at Sevenview Studios, the first single was released “Life Goes On” was released with a video. The song received a lot of radio play in the UK and at home in North America. Reviews of the album have compared Tom’s style to John Mellancamp, Bob Seger, and even one DJ in the UK called Life Goes On to have a Clapton like feel to it.


Living Chains

Tom released his follow up album in November 2016, titled “Living Chains”. The album has been getting radio play with the first single Fantasy. Tom plans on releasing a video for the single and continues on his musical journey.


The Outskirts album was released in 2023. The album consists of 10 new originals with guest vocal appearances by bandmate Charlotte Carey. The first single is the title track “Outskirts”.